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  • Hallo !

    Hätte eine kurze Frage an die Community, gibt es beim Windows 2012 Standard Server eine maximale RDP User Zahl ?
    Wieviel Arbeitsspeicher sollte man pro RDP User am Server installieren, sind dieses unter Win Server 2012 immer noch 2GB ?

    Danke für eure Hilfe.



    Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013 09:37


  • Nein, es gibt keine feste Beschränkung der max. RDP User Zahl.

    Weiter Ansatzpunkte für das Sizing von Windows Server 2012 für verschiedene Rollen erhältst Du u.a. hier:

    Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012
    Performance Tuning for Remote Desktop Session Host (Formerly Terminal Server)
    Memory Configuration

    Memory configuration is dependent on the applications that users employ; however, the required amount of memory can be estimated by using the following formula:

     TotalMem = OSMem + SessionMem * NS

    OSMem is how much memory the operating system requires to run (such as system binary images, data structures, and so on), SessionMem is how much memory processes running in one session require, and NS is the target number of active sessions. The amount of required memory for a session is mostly determined by the private memory reference set for applications and system processes that are running inside the session. Shared code or data pages have little effect because only one copy is present on the system.
    One interesting observation (assuming the disk system that is backing up the page file does not change) is that the larger the number of concurrent active sessions the system plans to support, the bigger the per-session memory allocation must be. If the amount of memory that is allocated per session is not increased, the number of page faults that active sessions generate increases with the number of sessions, and these faults eventually overwhelm the I/O subsystem. By increasing the amount of memory that is allocated per session, the probability of incurring page faults decreases, which helps reduce the overall rate of page faults.


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