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  • Hi,

    so I'm trying to send notifications to Teams and it doesn't seem to work and I've no idea why. I'm trying to use the Command Notification Channel with a powershell script to do this. If I run the script on the SCOM server, it instantly delivers the message to the Teams channel. If I run the script through the notification channel I actually don't know if it does anything.

    So this is what my configuration looks like:

    Full path of the command file:

    Command line parameters:
    -Command "& '"D:\Scripts\SCOM_Alert.ps1"'"

    Startup folder for the command line:

    I had a one-time error saying "maximum numbers of asynchronous responses (5) has already been reached", so I tried to edit Registry. That didn't help. Any ideas here?

    Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2020 15:04


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