SCCM 2007 SP2/R2 SUS Agent not performing Software Update Cycle Scan (OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80244023) RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone, I installed last week at a customer site a Windows Server 2008 R2 with SCCM with SP2 and R2 and WSUS 3.0 SP2 in German. The whole configuration process went fine until I had to deploy the SUP Agent Part. All my clients are getting error messages when I try to enforce a Software Update Cycle Scan. This is the error I am getting from the wuhandler.log.

    Its a WSUS Update Source type ({563F9C5A-8FC6-490D-8CC2-3E53A1763F80}), adding it. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    WSUS update source already exists, checking whether correct server is set. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    Existing WUA Managed server was already set (, skipping Group Policy registration. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    Added Update Source ({563F9C5A-8FC6-490D-8CC2-3E53A1763F80}) of content type: 2 WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    No proxy information available, not setting proxy. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    Running single-call scan of updates. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    Async searching of updates using WUAgent started. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:34:46 1452 (0x05AC)
    Async searching completed. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:36:29 2896 (0x0B50)
    OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80244023. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:36:29 2948 (0x0B84)
    Scan failed with error = 0x80244023. WUAHandler 06.05.2010 17:36:29 2948 (0x0B84)

    I have checked everything I could think of. For example if the client can access the /selfupdate Folder in order to retrieve the Windows Agent Update Client and it can so I do not think it is an IIS permission issue. I also tried to uninstall the SUP Role from SCCM and deinstall WSUS and reinstall the whole software again. Unfortunately the error returns.

    Checking the Windowsupdate.log gives me this information:

    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 PT WARNING: GetConfig failure, error = 0x80244023, soap client error = 10, soap error code = 0, HTTP status code = 504
    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 PT WARNING: PTError: 0x80244023
    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 PT WARNING: GetConfig_WithRecovery failed: 0x80244023
    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 PT WARNING: RefreshConfig failed: 0x80244023
    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 PT WARNING: RefreshPTState failed: 0x80244023
    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 PT WARNING: PTError: 0x80244023
    2010-05-07 11:48:55:566  916 e30 Report WARNING: Reporter failed to upload events with hr = 80244023.

    The only change I see is that I implemented the SCCM 2007 WITH SP2 where in the old days I would install SCCM 2007 with SP1 and upgrade to SP2.

    Any replies are as always greatly appreciated.




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