Simple Filter WebPart for Sharepoint 2010 (Foundation) to connect to Reporting Services Viewer Webpart RRS feed

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  • I'm searching a simple Filter Webpart, which get's the data e.g. from a sql server table, shows it in a drop down-list and sends the choosen value to an Reporting Services Viewer Webpart. Has anyone an idea? The analysis services filter webpart is an opinion, but not very nice because of the popup that opens to choose the values.

    The performancepoint-services (dashboard) are no option because of the necessary enterprise-edition of the sharepoint 2010.

    Mittwoch, 31. August 2011 18:10


  • Hello André,


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    In the meantime, for a potential solution to your problem, check the links below. When the values are not many, and the person who does the filtering knows them, the project offers the possibility to place the value in the URL and then the filtering is done.


    But for more complex solutions and for a wider area of applicability, the Sharepoint Enterprise License brings much, much more to the user, and it should be taken into consideration.


    1.CodePlex Project

    2.Project Implementation

    Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful day.



    Hallo André,


    Wenn man nicht viele Werte in dem SQL Table hat und diese gekannt sind, kann man mit diesem CodePlex Projekt den Wert im URL schreiben, und das Webpart wird automatisch gefiltert.

    1.CodePlex Project

    2.Project Implementation


    Aber für noch komplexeren Lösungen, der Enterprise Lizenz bring viel mehr Vorteile für den Benutzer, die von die SharePoint Foundation Version nicht unterstützt sind.




    Montag, 5. September 2011 08:34