Replication after DB restore


  • Hi,

    Please help me on below question.
    Replication is enabled between ETL server and Report server. We have both snapshot and transactional replication enabled based on the tables.

    Replication is running fine between the servers. Due to some issues ETL server Database is corrupted, if we restore backup on ETL server and same backup on Report server without doing any changes in replication setup. will Replication work without issues on next ETL run?

    Please help.


    Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018 08:16

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  • As long as you restore with keep_replication and restore your distribution database to the same point in time, yes.

    The distribution database restore will be tricky as it will break other publications/subscriptions using this database.

    What you may need to do is to restore the etl database using keep_replication and then use sp_replrestart. There may be some data loss here.

    Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018 10:58