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  • We are using CRM 4.0 update 9 and noticed we have a lot of CRM users who's emails are unresolved when I look into the "Email Type" in Activities. I noticed that the CRM users had an email address of whoever@thinkaba.com and they also had a contact with an email address of whoever@thinkaba.com.  Once I removed the Contact email address the emails were then able to be resolved.  My problem now is how do I find the emials that were resolved by the email address used at the CRM User level.  I would normally use the "history" in the Contact to find all related emails but I cannot do that anymore because I have the emails being tracked at the User level.  If I wanted to see all the history for a certain contact it was easy enough to find that in the Contact Entity.  This seems that it cannot be easily done resolving emials at the User level.  Should I rid of the emial address at the CRM User level and have it track at the Contact Level?  I dont know how to easily find the emails that were resolved at the user level.  How can I find those emails, and not just my emails?


    Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010 13:18