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  • Hello NG,

    I had a problem concerning the hibernation of Win7 that I've tried to fix for hours. Because I dindn't find a solution on the web, I just want to provide some information how to resolve the issue.


    After installing a new hard disk (>3Tb) as an additional HD, I was not able to hibernate. Windows seemed to hibernate (black screen) but after a few seconds, the login screen returned.

    Unsuccessful steps:

    -powercfg energy didn't show up an additional issue

    -powercfg -h off then -on did not help


    Successful steps:

    -Although this was not related to the current issue I'm facing, the step helped the last time I had this kind of problem: Go to devmgmt.msc and check NICs and USB dev and Controllers -> Energy option->First option should be true (so that win is enabled to hibernate the dev), second option depends on your wishes

    -A collegue (non IT prof) told me that he has deleted the 100Mb primary partition and the reinstalled win. That was no option I could live with. Therefore, I checked bcdedit /enum /v and voilà an error occured. To fix this I went to computer management msc -> Hard drive management-> assigned drive letter to the 100Mb prim partition. Afterwards, the command bcdedit /enum worked and the hibernate problem was fixed.

    So, easy to solve, difficult to determine.



    Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011 19:42

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  • Hallo Chris,

    deine Lösung der Partition einen Buchstaben zu vergeben, ist keine Lösung sondern nur ein Würgaround der das eigentliche Problem nicht behebt.

    Wundersame Tools mögen da gewütet haben, es wäre noch einfacher zu lösen - hier schon etliche male beschrieben.


    Wie dir schon aufgefallen ist, du bist hier in einem deutschsprachigem Forum?

    mfg Michael | www.mbormann.de
    Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011 19:48