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  • Hi,

    I had the Windows 8 CP and Office 2013 Prev on my Samsung Slate and it worked perfectly. No problems at all.

    I now switched to Windows 8 Pro RTM and also installed Office 2013 Prev. If I set up my Exchange account in Outlook 2013 it connects and shows all my data (mails, calendar,...). When I shutdown my Computer, start it again and try to start Outlook, I get a message that the attempt to log on to Echange failed and that Exchange is unavailable. Only way to get Outlook finding the Exchange is deleting the Mail Profile and setting it up from scratch. Outlook then connects but once I restarted the slate,... no connection...

    Does anyone have a solution...

    Thanks in advance for your replies!!



    Samstag, 25. August 2012 08:20


  • Moin,

    da Office 2013 noch Beta ist (und IMHO offiziell noch nicht für Win 8 freigegeben ist), würde ich mich da nicht weiter wundern.

    Um solche Fehler zu finden, ist eine Beta ja da. Melde es über die Funktion im Programm (die Smileys rechts oben) direkt an Microsoft.

    Grüße aus Berlin schickt Robert
    MVP Exchange Server
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