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  • It seems like there are some displays that WIndows 7 doesn't like running in higher resolution. I am testing Windows 7 on two different systems. One is using a Dell 3007WFP 30" Display, the other an Acer AL2416W 24" Display. Both can't be run in full native resolution under Win7. The Dell has a max res of 2560x1600, but when set to it, there comes a warning, that shoudn't be ignored. Because if so, the screen turns black and stripy.
    The same happens with the Acer Display, if connected through analog vga. If connected via DVI everything is fine and it runs full 1920x1200. I believe here the drivers for the analog connected screen aren't replaced, even if I tried to do so manually.
    Funny part is, for both displays it according to the hardware manager the driver seem to be installed correctly, the device is listed by it's name. You name it. But when you go into the diplay settings the display is called Standard-VGA-Display. So somehow, the drivers are installed, but aren't used in the diplay settings dialog.
    Looks like a bug, MS Developers have to fix, for me. But maybe one of you guys out there has a quick solution for this one. :-) Thanks.
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    Dienstag, 1. September 2009 17:10


  • Hi Rubin

    Microsoft is not developing the drivers. The manufacturer of the devices are the ones who develop them and provide these to Microsoft.

    So the first place I would look for updated drivers, is the Manufacturer's website/support.

    Donnerstag, 3. September 2009 07:44