Windows 10 recent versions (1809 or later?) won't connect automatically to Wireless network RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    First please accept my apologies for posting this question in English in the Deutsch forum. I am unable to post this in the English forum as it doesn't allow me to select the forum category and therefore not allow me to post the question!!!

    I have seen this raised before in these forums. The solutions actually don' work in the newer version of W10 1809+. So here is the breakdown of the issue. When the computer (domain joined) boots up (mainly off site) sees all the wireless networks around it and doesn't connect to any of the known networks. When you try to connect it asks for the SSID password and you enter it and it still doesn't connect.
    However, if you have your domain profile cached on the machine and you log to the machine, then click on the wireless network, it doesn't ask for the password and connects to a previously connected wireless network. I have an older laptop with a older version of windows 10 joined to the same domain same OU ( so gets the same GPOs) that doesn't exhibit this behaviour.
    Having researched this issue on the internet, I thought this is the only place I will get a decent enough response. All solutions I have seen on the internet for this issue are just a lot of smoke and don't solve the issue.
    Please help or point in the correct direction or if you are from Microsoft set the record straight on this issue. Thanks.


    Montag, 18. Januar 2021 10:07