System Center Data Protection Manager 2016 Error 31313 during creation of protection group


  • Hello all,

    I try to setup DPM 2016 on a Windows 2016 DC maschine. (All online MS updates up to 05.11 are installed)

    This system hosts three hyper-v maschines (one Domain Controller and two file servers)

    These three hyper-v guests should be backed up via DPM. In the first step I have to create the protection group and choose my data which I want to backup. Just as i click on one of this hyper-v guest i got the following error message.

    German version:


    Mindestens eine Voraussetzung für den Schutz dieser Datenquelle ist nicht erfüllt.

    Stellen Sie sicher, dass die folgende erforderliche Software auf SERVERXYZ installiert ist:

    Windows Server 2008 mit

    Knowledge Base-Artikel 948465 (


    Knowledge Base-Artikel 971394 (

    - ODER -

    Windows Server 2008 R2 mit Knowledge Base-Artikel 975354 (

    Wenn Sie die erforderliche Software bereits installiert haben, aktualisieren Sie den Status des Agents auf der Registerkarte "Verwaltung" und wiederholen den Vorgang.

    ID: 31313


    Google Translation:


    At least one requirement for the protection of this data source is not met.

    Make sure that the following required software is installed on SERVERXYZ:

    Windows Server 2008 with

    Knowledge Base article 948465 (


    Knowledge Base article 971394 (

    - OR -

    Windows Server 2008 R2 with Knowledge Base article 975354 (

    If you have already installed the required software, update the agent status on the Administration tab and try again.

    ID: 31313


    The host server is running with Windows Server 2016 DC and SQL 2014 SP2

    Does anyone know this problem or maybe a workaround?

    Thanks and best regards


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  • I had the exact same issue. After a ridiculous amount of time spent installing, uninstalling, trying to tweak MABS settings, trying to tweak individual virtual server settings, trying to tweak host server settings, and the list goes on and on... I finally found a solution. There is a simple query that needs to be run from within SQL Server Management Studio (which installed along with MABS) and then the Hyper-V host and virtual machines will be allowed to be added to the protection group. The following is the query - simply open a new query from inside SSMS wile attached to your MSDPMINSTANCE (or other if you changed it during install), enter the following:

    use dpmdb
    Update tbl_am_installedagent
    Set ServerAttributes = 31
    Where deleted = 0 and serverid in (select Serverid from tbl_am_server where serverName = 'YOURSERVER.DOMAIN.LOCAL')

    Note: You'll need to replace YOURSERVER.DOMAIN.LOCAL with the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the server that you have installed MABS on. Then you execute the query and VOILA! Problem solved, your host and virtual machines will now add to the group as expected.

    Hope this helps someone save a lot of time and frustration.

    Pastor Mike

    Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018 03:20