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  • We are patching server operating systems using SCCM 1910. There is a server which shows as non-compliant "Compliance 7 - Computers in a specific compliance state for an update group (secondary)". When I go deep, I see few required patches are missing. But those patches are already part of the deployments for this server and I find those patches are not coming in Software center. These patches are few years old, we successfully patched this server even with this month patches (Jun2020). I am missing something?

    Server is successfully communicating to the SCCM. I find nothing useful in Statusmessages.log, I also see some of the patches are showing as "Required" for this server as per "Compliance 5 - Specific computer" are actually installed on the server still the server report shows as non-compliant for those patches.

    Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2020 11:25

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  • Hi,

    First, non-compliant means the scan is completed and the machine is having some patches in applicable state. 
    If a client is missing one update or more it is not considered compliant.

    You can see required patches are missing but those patches are already part of the deployments for this server, you need to troubleshoot why the patches are not installed. We may use log files to track the software update deployment process:


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    Freitag, 3. Juli 2020 05:50