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  • hello everyone!
    i have big problems with med-v 1.0:

    initial situation:
    1) installed med-v server;
    2) pc-1(vista enterprise sp2) with installed med-v client, management console and vpc
    3) deployed w2k-sp4 persistent worspace image on med-v server,
    3) pc-2(vista enterprise sp2) with installed med-vclient and vpc
    4) pc-3(vista enterprise sp2 Vmware client) with installed med-vclient and vpc
    5) All 3 pc´s should be able to start the worspace image

    pc-1 is the computer where i succesfully prepeared the w2k image and uploaded it to the med-v server.
    i succesfully downloaded the workspace image via med-v trim transfer to pc-1, pc-2 and pc3
    only on pc-1 is the worksapce image realy working.
    pc-2 and pc-3 can not start the workspace with the following
    error message:

    MED-V failed to connect to the Workspace GINA. This may have happened because:
    1. The MED-V Workspace MSI is not installed properly in the virtual machine image.
    2. A Bootable CD is in the CD-ROM drive.
    3. The policy is not configured properly. Please verify that the domain joining properties are configured correctly and are enabled. The domain joining properties are configured using the VM Setup tab in the management console.
    4. Your host OS is virtualized by Hyper-V.
    5. A GINA replacement was installed after the installation of the MED-V Workspace MSI.

    Please consider running the image in diagnostics mode to gain more visibility into the boot process.

    does anyone know whats going on?
    is this a bug, or do i make something wrong?

    thanks in advance


    Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009 14:26