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  • We are using Microsoft remote apps however in the last month or two we have random users reporting their remote app screen disappears. If they login to remote apps via the RD web page, they then click on a Microsoft explorer icon that navigates to a DFS share however after the window being displayed and used for around 10 seconds, it disappears and you can see they get logged off the RDS server. If you open a word document published app it doesn't close and if you then open the DFS share/folder app afterwards it stays open so the issue just seems to be when you have launched an explorer window.

    The event logs on the server show the following;

    Event ID 7002 - User Logoff Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program

    If they log directly into the server and not via remote app, they don't get logged off.

    I have already tried the following;

    - Disable CEIP in action centre/registry/scheduled tasks

    - If I re-create the users local profile on the TS and log back in, it's doesn't disconnect/log off but when you re-login it comes back again.

    The server is 2008 R2 SP1 and the client computers connecting are Windows7/8.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated?
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  • Hi,

    As you already performed by disabling CEIP, I still recommend you to recheck that it is properly disabled. Because we need to disable 3 different task.

    1.  Consolidator task
    2.  ServerCeipAssistant
    3.  ServerRoleCollector

    Refer “Disabling Customer Experience Improvement Program tasks” article for more information.

    Apart from that, might be the issue causing due to network change or fails to complete. Refer “Appendix B: Group Policy operational event messages” from this TechNet article.

    Hope This Helps!

    Montag, 7. Oktober 2013 06:04
  • Thanks for the response.

    I've double checked and all the relevant CEIP tasks have been disabled in the task scheduler.

    I've since installed all windows updates onto the server and restarted it.

    I have also checked in the group policy folder within the event log on the server and there are no critical or warning entries.

    I can still see the event "Event ID 7002 - User Logoff Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program" when the users are being logged off. I have created a new account in AD however it continues to work fine ever time so it's only affecting random existing users.

    Any more ideas?

    Montag, 14. Oktober 2013 09:05
  • Hi,

    As you stated that the issue found only with existing user and new user don’t face any issue. For this I can say that, have you set any ‘Session Time Limit’ setting for session for RemoteApp?

    You can check “Set time limit for logoff of RemoteApp sessions” option under beneath path in group policy. Check that any time limit is set.

    Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Session Time Limits

    By default, the value of the policy "Set time limit for disconnected sessions" is Not Configured. If you have set a value, for example, "10", the active but disconnected session will be logoff after 10 minutes.

    For more information, you can refer ‘RemoteApp Session Termination Logic’ and this thread.


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  • Thanks for the response again.

    I've done a GPO results for a problem user logging into the RDS server and there is no setting regarding session time limits that has been set and none of the session limits have been set on the users AD account either.

    Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013 14:36