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  • Has anyone here ever displayed an Access form via Sharepoint?

    Scenerio:  My group is trying to provide access to tools and resourses that will help them better do the job and house them in one place (our team site). I've developed an Access.mdb that displays a form when opened that allows a user to enter item numbers and displays the cross referenced item numbers that are in our system.

    Is there a way that I can make this form visable via sharepoint so that my users may view it and look up item numbers?

    BTW, we're using Access 2007 and MOSS 2007
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  • Hi,


    The following article offers us a couple of ways to integrating data between Access and a SharePoint site. You can try Move data to a SharePoint site or Publish data to a SharePoint site base on your requirement.



    Hope this helps



    Pengyu Zhao

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  • I've read this article again and again but here's what I come up with.

    1. Move data to a SP site: I select this option from the SP List group. I then enter my site address into the "What SP site do you want to use". I then click browse and select a document library and select OK. (by default the "Save a copy of my database..." check box is checked so I leave it. I click next, it thinks for a little, then give me the error "Cannot perform the export operation".

    2. Publish data to a SP site: I go to the Office button and then to Publish and then select Document Management Server. Here it doens't give me the ability to paste or type the address of my site in. The only options are My SharePoint, My Network Places, and My Site. How can I navigate to the actual team site that I would like to upload to?

    What I seem to have had moderate success with is creating a new document library and setting the document template to "None". From here I'm able to upload my .accdb file to the site but when I open it I get the "How would you like to open this file... ReadOnly/Edit". If I select ReadOnly, I'm not able to use the front end form that opens when my database opens. If I select "Edit" it forces my user to save a copy of the database somewhere else. This can be confusing for my user and I'd like to keep it as simple as possible. Is there any way to turn off the "How would you like to open this file" option???

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  • I too want to use the power of the Access Query to prompt for a parameter and then display the results of a query in a form on Sharepoint.  I can publish the Access DB which users can open - from that point they are working in Access - which isn't very elegant.  I have limited Sharepoint Developer skills (totally self taught) but feel there is something in there I could utilise - if anyone has experience of  not want I wanted do.  If anyone else has any thoughts I would love to hear too.
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