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  • Hello,

    I have 2 PCs on which I enabled Bitlocker Drive Encryption.

    I only have fixed data drives in both PCs.

    Somehow not all of them are recognized as Fixed Drive in Bitlocker, they show up under Removable Data Drives what's wrong.

    Setup PC 1:

    One SSD 250 GB with 2 partitions.

    -> First partition is recognized as OS drive and is fully encrypted.

    -> Second partition is recognized as Removable Drive

    I don't understand this, because the second partition is part of the same physical disk.

    Setup PC 2:

    Two SSDs with 250 GB each and one partition each.

    -> First SSD / parition is recognized as OS -> all fine.

    -> Second SSD is recognized as Removable Drive.

    When I check disk management on both PCs then all drives are fixed.

    Even when I check in powershell with "get-volumes" all volumes have type "fixed".

    So only Bitlocker shows wrong type...

    The main problem I have with this is:

    The auto-unlock feature does only unlock the Removable Drives when a user logs in.

    I want the drives auto-unlocked right after boot... this works for fixed drives just fine.

    I just saw that I have the same problem on the one or the other Win2016 server with internal disks.

    I hope you can help...


    Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017 11:42

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