Sharing another Server's Share via Windows Server 2008 R2


  • Hi all,

    Description of our setup:

    Virtual hosted environment containing AD server(Server 2K8 R2, say AD-SERVER), which also provides all the shares for our organisation. Both networked and VPN users can access these shares fine, as one would expect. However, one particular division of 12 staff utilises a fileserver (Server 2K8 R2, say "FILE-SERVER") which is onsite at one of our locations. Our shares are used for mapped drives, and aside from this divison all required shares are hosted by AD-SERVER.

    Any directly networked device can access the shares on FILE-SERVER, including the 10 out of 12 relevant employees (located onsite). However, the other 2, based at home, cannot access FILE-SERVER's shares while on VPN. Indeed, they cannot communicate with any networked device (i.e. ping a device plugged into the network at one of our offices), only with the hosted environment itself.

    I have confirmed with our hosted environment provider that this is unfixable and I have very little control over it given that it is a virtual, hosted one, however I hope to achieve the following:

    Instead of these 2 users attempting to access shares directly from FILE-SERVER, can I somehow provision a share on AD-SERVER which is in turn reading the share from FILE-SERVER? I see immediately that, in "Provision Share" from "Share and Storage Management", the only available volumes are local ones on AD-SERVER, but am hoping that there is a workaround.

    Since there are only two users affected, I am happy to look at entirely different options for giving them access to this share, but to cconfirm - VPN users can only communicate with the AD-SERVER.

    Thanks in advance for any asistance / ideas you can provide.


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