How does Skype for Business online communicate ? RRS feed

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  • Hello Team, We are currently introducing Skype for Business online and would like to use Skype externally without a VPN connection on the company computer, e.g. via a private WLAN, but the error message "Cannot sign in because the server is temporarily unavailable" appears and the login information is requested - no login is possible. Once you have logged in via VPN - and logged out again - the connection may work, but you may have to wait "too" long until Skype logs in. Next time again not. What happens there? Where does Skype want to connect to? We have already checked the DNS entries several times, everything seems to be set up correctly, but we don't know how Skype wants to communicate. The MicrosoftRemote Connectivity Analyzer doesn't help us to find the error either. On a mobil phone it works.

    Does anyone have an idea? Thank you very much, Gabriele.

    Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018 14:15