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  • Hello alltogether,

    I'm a designer and I stumbled upon a stupid restriction in Word when trying to use a font. I already posted the question in the regular forum, but nobody was able to help me. I just got a tip to post the question here. So here it is:

    A font can have multiple styles: regular, italic, bold and bold italic are the "standard" styles used by microsoft word. But there are fonts out there with more than these styles... there's also thin, light, book, semibold, black, condesed versions and often many more.

    In InDesign (or other Adobe applications) it's very easy to make use of all these styles. You just pick them out of a dropdown list. In word, you must be lucky so that everyhing works the way you expect.

    Recently I was working with the following font: ... It has Light, Regular and Bold. 

    In Word: as soon as I select Kelson, I am unable to choose the light style. And Light - Bold and regular are showing up with weird options. See screenshot:

    Tried it with otf to ttf conversion, did not work. Tried typing Kelson Sans Light in the font panel, did not work. Tried installing only one style, but then it looked weird. I really would love to use all three styles... Is there a way to make it possible inside word 2010?

    I am working on a long term project on which I design Word templates. Choosing a cool font and making use of all styles it comes with is a basic task on my side. And the Kelson font is not the only one not working as expected.

    I found great free fonts like "Aller" ... It has a light and regular style and both are available in the font menu, because they are split up as two separate font families, e.g. "aller regular" and "aller light". But Kelson and many fonts with various styles are merged under one font family and are not selectable.

    Under Word 2011 on Mac, Kelson shows up as Kelson Light, Kelson Regular and Kelson Bold... Working perfect. But 2010 - it's a pain in the a**.

    Is there a solution? Or do we all have to live with this f***ing restriction (regular, italic, bold and bold italic styles only) forever? 

    Please help! Thank you in advance


    Freitag, 14. Juni 2013 13:23