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  • Hi Marc,


    your configuration seems to be correct. Are you trying to open a mailbox from a ressource or user?




    Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011 17:22
  • Hi Heike,

    thanks for reply! I try to open a ressource!



    Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011 12:47
  • Any news? :-)
    Mittwoch, 2. November 2011 13:14
  • Oh, that was your answer - sorry, I missunderstood that one.

    Currently I'm not sure if this should be possible at all - the webpart is designed to open the users mailbox items (My Inbox, My Calendar, My Tasks, and My Mail).  I need to check that and will come back to you.








    Heike Ritter ☁ IT Pro Evangelist
    Freitag, 4. November 2011 13:11
  • Hi again,

    I found the following solution, may I ask you to please have a look at it and test the suggested way?


    Use a page view web part to display the exchange calendar you wish. Here are basic instructions for configuring it. Note that it initially refers to a public folder, but towards the end refers to OWA. To prevent OWA from displaying a logon prompt within a Page Viewer Web Part, be sure to enable Windows Authentication on your Exchange server. This works the same way with SharePoint 2007 and Exchange 2007.


    Displaying Exchange Data in a Page Viewer Web Part

    The Exchange Web Parts are designed to show content from the user’s Exchange mailbox. They cannot show content from Exchange public folders. To display public folder content, you can use the Page Viewer Web Part to display any Outlook Web Access page using the URL for that page. For example, the URL to display a month view of a top-level public folder namedCompany Meetings would be:

    http:// servername /public/company%20meetings/?cmd=contents&view=monthly

    Note that %20 replaces the space character in the folder name. The cmd=contents parameter specifies that only the contents of the folder should be displayed, not the folder navigation pane as well. The view=monthly parameter specifies that the complete current month should be displayed. Other possible values for the view parameter would beweekly or daily or the name of an existing saved view. The monthly, weekly, and daily values are case sensitive.

    Cc767103.tip(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Because of the width of the day, week, and month calendar view layouts, the wider Top and Bottom zones are probably the most suitable for displaying a calendar folder with the Page Viewer Web Part. However, using the default setting in which the Web Part adjusts its height to fit the zone might obscure the links at the top of the folder; these links allow the user to switch between the day, week, and month views. Instead, experiment with a fixed height to display those controls, as well as the link to create a new appointment.

    Tracking messages sent to a distribution list, such as a company announcements list, is one practical example of using the Page Viewer Web Part with an Exchange folder. Public folders can have e-mail addresses. If you include a public folder among the members of a distribution list, all the messages sent to that list will appear in the folder and, in turn, can appear in a Page Viewer Web Part.

    Another application would be to display Exchange mailbox data using OWA URLs for versions of Exchange earlier than Exchange 2003. (The Exchange Web Parts that ship with SharePoint Portal Server 2003 work only with Exchange 2003.)


    found here:



    Heike Ritter ☁ IT Pro Evangelist
    Freitag, 4. November 2011 14:40