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  • I' m using this code for searching for all updates for a product.

    $CVRFDoc = Get-MsrcCvrfDocument -Id "2018-jun"
    $ProductTree = $CVRFDoc.ProductTree
    $Vulnerability = $CVRFDoc.Vulnerability 
    $CVRFDoc = Get-MsrcCvrfDocument -Id $month
        $ProductTree = $CVRFDoc.ProductTree
        $Vulnerability = $CVRFDoc.Vulnerability 
        foreach($v in $Vulnerability){
            $_CVE = $v.CVE
            Write-Host $_CVE
            $_Date = $v.RevisionHistory.Date
            $Remediations = $v.Remediations
            foreach($r in $Remediations)
                $_kb = $r.Description.Value
                foreach($productid in $r.ProductID)
                    $DocProductTree = $ProductTree.FullProductName
                    foreach($_branchItem in $DocProductTree){
                        if($productid -eq $_branchItem.ProductID){
                            $_productid = $_branchItem.ProductID
                            $_bnamevalue = $_branchItem.Value
                            if($_kb -notmatch "click"){
                                if($_productid -match "10952"){
                                    $datetest =$_Date
                                    $arr_Date = $_Date.Split(' ')
                                    $_Date = $arr_Date[$arr_Date.Length -1]
                                    Write-Host "$_CVE $_Date KB$_kb $_productid $_bnamevalue"
                } #> end $r.ProductId
            } #> end Remediations
        }#> end Vulnerability

    This give me not all updates back. There are missing update for the product 10952 update 4284830. This update is publicated in the following list. 



    So why i cannot see this upate trough the list of upates in the api? If i use an other month there are still missing update in it.

    Freitag, 27. Juli 2018 05:17