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  • Hello,
    it is the first time I installed a windows 2008 R2 64bit (Enterprise) including IIS 7.5
    On windows 2008 standard server everything runs fine.

    I habe classic ASP pages which uses components (com+ dll's).

    Using e.g. Set test = Server.Createobject("scripting.dictionary") runs fine (which is std. windows component).
    Using e.g. Set test = Server.Createobject("form.painter") (c++ or vb6 com+ dll which works fine on w2k8) I get an error message:
    ActiveX can't create component (80004005).

    I searched the web. On older windows 2003 servers microsoft say it is a ntfs rights problem.
    but even "everyone granted full access" won't fix the problem.
    I also added full rights with "dcomcnfg" configuration.
    Also tried to change the aplication pool account to an account with full admin rights (standard windows 2008 has still networkservice as identity, windows 2008 rs has a new identity which called ApplicationPoolIdentity, no clue what the difference is).
    At the end I aslo added these network and application pool accounts to the local admin groups (just to test if anything works). Still no luck.

    I have no idea what causes the problem. 64bit can't be the problem, windows 2008 std. 64 bit versions works also.
    So in R2 something is different.

    Doesn't work this anymore or is there any "special configuration" to setup using own coded com+ dll's in my classic asp server pages?!

    Kind regards, Yves Rausch
    Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010 17:32