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  • Hello,

    i've got a Problem with an SBS 2008 Server.

    It's not possible to logon on to the Server anymore!

    when i try to Login with the admin account it says "username or Password is wrong". But i know it's correct.

    i even tryied the utilman.exe replacing with cmd.exe hint. now i got a commandline.

    but dsa.msc says unkown username or wrong Password. Did active the "Administrator" account and set a new Password, but also can't Login with this.

    when running dcdiag /u:Domain\Administrator it says:

    starting test: connectivity
    The Host aab9f3...._msdcs.Domain.local couldn't be resolved to an ip address. Check DNS-Server, DHCP, Servername...

    So i think it might be an DNS Problem

    anybody an idea?



    Mittwoch, 19. März 2014 19:49