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  • Hallo,

    Ich habe folgendes Problem hier auf dem Domain Controller im DNS und kann den Fehler nicht beheben.

    Kannst mir hier einer helfen??


    The zone ***.net was previously loaded from the directory partition MicrosoftDNS but another copy of the zone has been found in directory partition ForestDnsZones.***.net. The DNS Server will ignore this new copy of the zone. Please resolve this conflict as soon as possible.

    If an administrator has moved this zone from one directory partition to another this may be a harmless transient condition. In this case, no action is necessary. The deletion of the original copy of the zone should soon replicate to this server.

    If there are two copies of this zone in two different directory partitions but this is not a transient caused by a zone move operation then one of these copies should be deleted as soon as possible to resolve this conflict.

    To change the replication scope of an application directory partition containing DNS zones and for more details on storing DNS zones in the application directory partitions, please see Help and Support.

    Freitag, 14. März 2014 11:27