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  • Hi,

    we want to use the BitLocker ADAccount-Protector for the OS drive in my company, so that our employees don't have to enter any additional PINs or Passwords. What's working right now is the creation of a recoverypassword, which is then backed up to the AD. If I add the ADAccountProtector, it automatically adds a TPM-Protector, too. If I then restart the computer, the OS-Drive isn't locked for other users than I have entered. I thought this could be because of the TPM-Protector, but if I remove this, it promts me with a "enter your RecoveryPassword screen". I wan't to know why it "ignores" the AD-Protector. BTW it works for Data-Drives but not for the OS-Drive. Our clients are Win 10 Enterprise. Our server Win 2012 R2.

    Thanks in advance.

    Donnerstag, 17. August 2017 14:00