exporting data out of sql server


  • I have reading rights on a sql server where I need to run a sql script to copy data to excel spread sheet. The problem I am having is that most of the columns in the returned data set results have large amount of text. some of these columns have data with different delimiters such as " or some have html tags. This causes the data when saved as csv file to be jumbled up. I tried straight copy with header and paste, this copied and pasted the data fine however, even though, I selected all rows, for some reason not all rows were copied. I was missing few hundred rows. I used the method of saving as text file csv, but the data was jumbled up due to the special characters in some of the fields and it is very hard to sort it out in excel since I am dealing with about 10000 rows of data. I used the bar (|) delimiter but still did not work. I do not have permission to create any object in this sql server since it is production server, however, I can create new query and run my script. what is the best way to get the data out to excel?

    Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013 21:41

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