some external users cannot access a published UAG portal


  • We are using Forefront UAG 2010, version 4.0.320.10100.  I have published a portal ( that some of my external users can connect to and others cannot. The ones that can connect are having no issues.  The ones that cannot connect are getting:  Page cannot be displayed.  I am running out of ideas as to why this is happening.

    Here are some items we have tried investigating with no luck:

    1. external user computers and security settings, anti-virus, trusted sites, etc.

    2. trace route information is the same across all working/non-working external user computers

    3. different OS version such as windows xp, windows 7

    Could there be anything inside UAG configuration that would allow a certain external IP address and not others?

    Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014 21:10