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  • currently we have exchange 2010 in hybrid to O365 most mailboxes are migrated but Public Folders are still on prem. for migrated users we have no issues they connect to public folders no issue. However for new users it is very different.

    If i create a user object then connect a new mailbox for it then migrate connection to public folders is fine.

    If i create a "New Remote Mailbox" in the exchange 2010 console i am not able to get the user to connect to Public Folders. Outlook tries and i can see it in Outlook Connection status using RPC/HTTP the window security box pops up with the email address in there but whatever password you put in it just dissapears and the connection is lost for that session. however if i look at a migrated user who connects no problem they are connected RPC/TCP.

    is anybody able to explain what i am doing wrong?

    the only thing i can see different is the "LegacyExchangeDN" is different for a migrated user it looks like this;

    /o=my company/ou=External (FYDIBOHF25SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=bc97cc0d7873411dbd4fd95c7d475272

    users created by using "New Remote Mailbox" look like this;

    /o=my company/ou=External (FYDIBOHF25SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=Jay Gopal35f

    and the x500 addresses reflect this.

    any help would be appreciated


    Jay Kilby

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