No longer able to manage ISCSI targets with Server Manager in WS2016 after the node is added to a failover cluster.


  • Hey everyone. I hope someone is able to assist with this issue.

    I have installed WS2016 Standard on a server that I intend to used as an iSCSI target server. The iSCSI target server role service is installed as well  as the failover cluster manager feature. 

    On this server, call it Storage1, I created an iSCSI disk named iSCSI-Disk01 and mapped it to an iSCSI target named iSCSI-TRGT-01 and connected Storage01 to iSCSI-TRGT-01 using the iSCSI initiator. The disk is initialized, formatted and is visible in file explorer, Server Manager and Disk Mangement snap-in.

    I then proceed to create a cluster using the failover cluster manager on Storage1 and then add Storage1 as the first node in the cluster. When I try to add the iSCSI disk added earlier to cluster storage,  it is not visible in the FCM and is no loner available in File Explore. The iSCSI initiator is no longer connected and is just showing "reconnecting."  As a result I am unable to create the iSCSI target role as there are't any available disks to be used. I then go to File and Storage services in server manager and select iSCSI. In the top area it says "no eligible servers are available, " and I am unable to create a new iSCSI disk and target. 

    However, when I destroy the cluster and restart the server, I am once more able to see the connected iSCSI disk in Server Manager and I am able to create other iSCSI. How can I create an iSCSI target cluster in WS2016 without this issue? Is this a bug or is there a new way to implement this in WS2016?

    Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018 12:59

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