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    I'm testing the Offline Files with Win7 and Win2k3 share.
    I made the following settings with gpo:
    The Documents and Favorites folder is redirected to a network share.

    On the computer configuration policy i set the following options for the offline files:
    Administratively assigned offline files is enabled and i specified the two redirected shares.
    Offline Files feature is enabled
    Remove "Make Available Oflline" is Enabled.

    The win7 client is connected to the network and I'm log-in.
    The documents and favorites are redirected to my predefined shares and marked as offline available.
    When I disconnect the network everything is well. I can open the files on the share so the sync was successfull.

    Now I create a new file on that documents share when i'm offline(not connected). This also works.
    I connect my win7 client to the network now the following two problems appear:

    All folder are marked as Offline(Not connected), so they won't change the status until I log-off and I log-in again.
    My "in offline mode" created file won't be synced automatically with the server. 
    I tried to connect the client to the network and restart it but the file is still not on the server, so I have to right click and sync it manually.

    How can I configure that the client detects when the network is online and sync it automatically?

    Thanks for your help
    Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009 09:27

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