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  • Hi,

    i have the problem, that i can not use MTP Devices in the company.

    MTP-Devie Driver problem code31, appears, when i plug in a devie (camera, iphone, handy)

    After the computer joined the domain (then the pc gets policys) the iphone is only a MTP-USB-Device!

    I found nothing! It´s not a hardware problem, on other pc´s the device works well!

    Mittwoch, 21. November 2012 14:07

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  • Hi,

    For MTP installation problems:

    1) Go here: [...] laylang=en

    2) Press the Continue button (Near the Validation Required)

    3) Press the Download button (Near the genuine Microsoft software)

    4) In case that the download hasn't started automatically within 30 seconds, press the Start Download button.

    5) Save the file to your Desktop where you can easily find it.

    6) Execute the file (Double click on the mouse's left button).

    7) Next -> Repair -> Repair -> Finish -> Choose "Yes" so the system restarts itself.

    That's it, now the MTP devices should work correctly.

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