Windows 7 - can't burn on DVD/USB and can't install RRS feed

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  • Hello,
    So, I've tried everything I can think about, to install Windows 7 on my laptop. It has an AMD x64 x2 processor, which should be enough for Windows 7 x64. The other hardware is also compatible with it.
    So, I downloaded the "Windows 7 download tool" to make my DVD/USB-Stick (tried both) bootable and to copy the ISO of Win 7 on it. The program said, that it can't find the USB-Stick/DVD-Drive or the ISO-File. So I downloaded and converted Windows 7 twice. The USB-Stick was fresh from the store, and the DVD-Drive also works with other burning-programs. So, the next step I made was that I burned the Windows 7 ISO-File on the DVD with another burning-program (ImgBurn). There is a function to make the DVD bootable, but when I started the DVD on my PC, there was an error. I don't remember what message it gave, but it constisted out of 2 lines maybe. So, now I also tried to make the DVD/USB-Stick bootable by my own on CMD via the bootsect command, what was pretty silly, because I'm using a Windows XP x32 version right now. And as known, this command can only be used on a x64 version.

    By the way: I also tried to run the Windows 7 on VMWare, and it worked properly!


    So, do you know anything I could do? I wan't this damn windows 7 to be installed on my computer :)

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    Montag, 30. November 2009 10:50