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  • Hello all,

    meanwhile, i got roaming profiles working under windows 10 and server 2016 but maaaaan, that wasnt easy. Appx integration and the dependencies to a working startmenu/cortana is a absolutly mess.

    Now, i find out that there is a database file, where all installed appx packages per user are registered:


    You can edit this file with a standard sql lite tool. There you also can modify values to deinstall system appx packages like edge or cortana.

    What i can see is, if i logon the first time on a Remote Desktop Session Host, all packages are installed for the new user and registered in this database. After that, i logoff, delete the roaming profile and relogon on the same RDS Host. Now, i also get a fresh profile but without all the appx packages i get the very first time. That is because the database file already contains this user and didn´t recognize him as an new user.

    SO, my feelings are, that this can cause problems over time. I think the problem is the same if i login on different RDS Hosts with different database files.

    For example: i have 4 different RDS Hosts. User logs in the very first time. There is no entry in the local database file so every standard appx package will be deployed to the users Profile. So far so normal... BUT:

    - Maybe a Problem can be: User logs into another RDS Host. Server still thinks the user hasn´t got any appx packages because there is no entry in the local database file. What happened then?

    - Another Problem can be: I delete the users Profile. User logs into a Server where in the local database are still appx entries for this user, so no packages will deployed to the users Profile?!

    Are there any solutions to this problem? It is always ALWAYS a bad idea to store user specific informations outside the user profile.

    Thanks for your help!



    Freitag, 30. Juni 2017 07:30