How do update DPM Central Console?


  • Server A has SCOM 2016 and the DPM Central Console.

    Server B has DPM 2016.

    Server C has DPM 2012 R2.

    DPM 2012R2 is on UR13.  SCOM and DPM 2016 are on UR5.

    I cannot manage Server C from the central console on Server A.  The error is The DPM Administrator Console version 4.2.1205.0 is incompatible with the DPM server version (ID: 939).  Ensure that the version is between 4.2.1554.0 and 4.2.1594.0.

    4.2.1205 would appear to be RTM.

    The documentation says that the DPM Central Console is made of 2 management packs.  I updated the management packs to 5.0.1400.0 but that changed nothing.

    I tried updating the DPM console with the only DPM server update available dataprotectionmanager2012r2-kb4043315_bb49765ba3df4e59c1e2c99b7ca0429dfb528b84.exe and if fails because it's not a DPM server.

    So, how do I update the DPM 2012R2 central console on a SCOM 2016 server?


    Montag, 9. Juli 2018 22:22