MDT & WDS : When trying to boot the LiteTouch.wim from WDS-Server, Client jumps to command prompt RRS feed

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  • Environment:

    A Server 2008 R2 with the Windows Deployment Services (6.1.7600.16385) installed.

    A Server 2012 R2 where Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (6.3.8456.1000) &

    Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (10.1.17763.1) are installed.

    Description of Error:

    So i updated the MDT and ADK to the above mentioned versions. After that the task sequences stopped after the os installation when the pc rebooted. I then had to manually select the task sequence and applications again (they were pre-selcted though). The fix i found was to remove the 'apply patches' from the sequence and regenerate the LiteTouch and import the updated one in the WDS. Once i had done that, everything worked fine - until i made another change on MDT and regenerated the LiteTouch again.

    Right now, behaviour is as follows: when PXE-booting on a client (using a VM for testing) i see the screen where the LiteTouch.wim is loaded (white screen with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit written in top right corner)

    Followed by the one, where it "exits" to the command prompt - which i can't yet see why.

    I tried to look for a fix and what mistakes i made, and until now, tried the following:

    -create the LiteTouch with only network-drivers injected; with no drivers injected

    -restore a snapshot created before the updates of MDT and ADK on the server

    For now i failed to set up (and completely understand) logging all this processes and tasks. Which is the next thing i'm looking into, to get a better idea of where i made mistakes.

    Im still a trainee as system integrator and therefore do not have years of experience with these systems and definately n a learning process. Thanks to anybody who helps me here. If my post lacks essential information, i will try and provide them later.

    Dienstag, 9. April 2019 08:35


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