SQL 2008 Client set up


  • We have installed a finanicial package on SQL 2008 platform.   And the database works fine on Server.  We are able to access the software and databse from Client machine.   But the menu items are not working and we receive the following error message.


    810-01 : Cannot execute menu item
    1-16    : An exceptioon occured while performing a background task
    930-01 : Could not connect client to thge SunSystems application server.
                  External component has thrown an exception

    at Infor.SunSystems.App.V5.SunSystemsController.Execute(IMenuItem menuItem, NavigationGroup navGroup)
    at Infor.SunSystems.App.V5.UI.SunSystemsCategoriesPanel.ExecuteMenuItem(IMenuItem menItem)


    I shall be grateful for an advice / support for sorting out this problem
    Montag, 10. August 2009 12:20