Sequencing a LINK to a Remote-APP on W2K8 R2 RRS feed

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    We use AppV and W2k8 R2 Remote-Apps in our Network. To stream the RDP-Files (for the RemoteApp) to the start menu of my clients I want to use App-V, because we want use AD-groups to deploy software (not msi and gpo).

    Everything works fine, but we can`t print to any RemoteApp (via Easyprint). When we copy the same RDP-File to the desktop of a client we can print from a remote-app.

    So I copied the rdp-files to a network share and make a Link on my desktop to the rdp-file. Everything works fine. I tried to sequence only the link to the rdp-file an stream it to my clients. But I already can`t print.

    Have you a idea for me



    Freitag, 17. September 2010 14:03


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