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  • Hello there,

    I have a problem and haven´t found a solution on the internet so far.

    I want to show Form1 in Panel1 (I know how that works, but not that ->) placed in Form0 (Panel1 is in Form0), triggered by Buttons in Panel3, which are in Form0 filled with Form3.

    • Form1 = A "page"
    • Panel1 = The space for the "page"
    • Form0 = Programm form
    • Panel3 = List of Buttons to click
    • Form3 = Form with all the Buttons

    My program: I have a list of mathematic operations (Form3) shown in Form0 (in Panel3). If i click eg. "Sum", Panel1 should be filled with Form1 (or all the other forms with operations). Paneö1 is also located in Form0.

    Sorry for the weird numbers and my explanation ;)


    Mittwoch, 1. August 2018 20:19