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    We want to configure Domain Security but from my understanding both organizations have to by-pass their smart host (anti-spam gateway) for this to work. Is my understanding correct? 

    How do you do that? If you use MX record you will automatically arrive at the other side's anti-spam gateway. Should you create a separate internal DNS record for the MX record? 

    Or is it not recommended to use Domain Security and are there better options in most anti-spam gateway solutions?

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    Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018 13:32

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  • Hi,

    The mail flow with Smart Host is like:
    Inbound: Internet ---> Smart Host ---> Your Exchange Server.
    Outbound: Your Exchange Server ---> Smart Host ---> Internet.

    The MX record will point to Smart Host, then the message from internet use MX record to find the destination.
    For Outbound message, we need to create a send connector on Exchange, and use Smart Host as next hop.

    For internal mail flow, Yes, we can create a special connector and configure it with domain name, and use DNS to route message.
    Also, we can do it with some special external domain, and configure it to use external DNS record to route message.

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    Allen Wang

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