Free/Busy issue


  • Hi all.

    We have Exchange 2010 in an on-premise DAG, and merged with a company that uses Office 365 we believe we were doing successful free/busy searches up until last week. A day or two after running the O365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard, users started reporting problems:

    1. The O365 users can still see everyone's free/busy info

    2. On prem users using Outlook 2016 (we use no other versions) can see F/B info for other on-prem users 

    3. On-prem users using Outlook 2016 can see half-most O365 users' F/B info

    4. Many O365 users come back as unavailable (cross-hatched)

    5. The same O365 users are visible/not visible for all on-prem users

    6. The F/B info that is not available in Outlook is visible in OWA.

    Any ideas?

    Montag, 16. April 2018 18:27

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