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  • Hi there,

    we have a problem with some of our corporate Outlook 2010 clients. A couple of our users, unfortunately mostly vip, reported me that sometimes some of their outgoing mails stuck in the outbox folder although they were at least successfully sent. The same emails remaining in the outbox can also be found unter sent items. We tried to get rid of the stucked items by switching the outlook client between online and offline mode as suggested in other postings without success.

    All of that happens randomly without any behavior patterns and until know we are not able to reproduce the behavior in our test environment.

    The users mailboxes reside on an Exchange 2010 RTM with Update Rollup 4. The Outlook 2010 clients are configured to work in cache mode. SingleItemRecovery is enabled for all mailboxes. Mailboxes are not in retention hold and not in litigation hold. Mailboxes had been moved from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 without any visible errors. Workstations are clean installations with Windows 7 and Office 2010 RTM.

    During further investigation I found the following constellations of e-mails stucking in the outbox folder.

    1. E-Mail stucks in outbox on the client side although it was successfully sent. A copy is in the Sent Items folder. Looking directly into the Mailbox with MFCMapi the outbox is empty.

    2. The outbox folder on the client is empty but when comparing the contents of the offline and online versions there are one or more items in the online version of the outbox. Looking directly into the Mailbox wiht MFCMapi you can see that there really are items in the outbox althoug the e-mails had been send succesfully. Deleting and resyncing the .ost File ends up with the same resultls. Local Outbox in Outlook is empty, Serverversion contains items.

    3. The outbox folder on the client contains stucked items. The online version of the outbox folder also contains stucked items. However the stucked items on the client side are not the same as the stucked items in the online version of the folder.

    We rebuild the MAPI Profiles and the .OST Files more than once, but after a while the problems came back.

    Anny sugestions or ideas?

    Please help

    Greetings from Germany


    Mittwoch, 22. September 2010 16:09