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  • Hi Everyone

    I am in the process of building a Windows Server 2008 image. i am Using the install.wim of the DVD (no captured image)
    No I added a driver path my unattended File (Using the image manager) and everything worked out well.

    Question ist now how can i keep my my driver repositories for every type of hardware separated in order to manage them.
    I want to be able to keep track of which file belongs to which hardware and which typ of server so i can exchange them if needed.

    Can I create a different subfolder for every type of Server and every type of hardware then specify only the top folder in the unattended file?

    this would look like this:

    Driver Repository d:\RemoteInstall\Drivers\...

     - NIC
     - Display
     - Storage Adapter

     - NIC
     - Display
     - Storage Adapter

    Thanks for your help

    Montag, 11. Januar 2010 12:35