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  • Hello,

    we try out windows 7 enterprise (x64) and office 2010 professional (x32) in our company. Now I install ~20 clients with the new Win 7 Image. After a first test I found a issue in outlook 2010. I send my a test mail attached with an word document. The live preview function in outlook doesn't show the attached document. Pictures like jpg or other attached mails have not this problem. If I click the attached doc or excel document I get the message "the viewer is not installed".

    In my option this is an security issue because If you open the document you get an warning like "open files only from trustworthy persons". If I save the file and open it, all is fine. I also set the .doc file type to the "leavelevel1" registry key. I also notice that a red frame is around the live preview but I don't send the mail encrypt.

    Have you any ideas? Thank you for your answers.




    Freitag, 3. September 2010 13:51


  • Hello,

    back from holidays I found the solution. It was a GPO setting:

    Bypass traverse checking 

    Change this setting back to default and it works.

    Dienstag, 14. September 2010 13:05