using Outlook-calendars in own apllication RRS feed

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  • I am developing an access-db with front-end where some of the goals is generating appointment-entries in calendars based on the data from the access-db.

    At the moment, I read all the appointments by code from Exchange-calendars an dput them in a list-view-control for a special day.

    The selection of a date is done with a control named "ExCalendar". This nice control lets me see two months together and select my date.

    So, actually I can read appointments for one day directly from Exchange, but it looks not very good and is quite complicated.

    A longer time ago, I found that outlook itslef has a control "outlook-view-control", but I did not manage to work with it.

    So, a simple question: Is there a good control avialable which lets me see all appointments ofr a day and then select a time ?

    Freitag, 14. Juni 2013 10:24