Mails firts hang in the outbox (" permission..")...weird problem, please help! RRS feed

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  • After upgrading Office Prof Plus from 2007>2010 we do see a duplicated mail-account in the new profile.

    nor reproducable but very often:

    People complain that Mails retain in the outbox, "f9" cause:
    Err(0x80070005) permission

    Sometimes just a restart is enough to make those mails disappear..unfortunately from everywhere.

    The do not come up under send items and are not delivered to the reciepent.
    Now it gets tricky:
    After several time (1 to 5 days) they come to the reciepients Inbox (current date)  AND

    Do appear in the senders "send folder" with the time the mail originally has been sent!

    Looking at the Exchange 2003 logs do show:
    The reciepient time is the first time it was showing up...

    we are clueless.... and you?

    Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013 19:28