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  • Hi all!

    My customer wants to move his webbased traditional ASP application to a HyperV environment on a dedicated server. As I have little experience with virtualisation, some questions as to how it can improve system stability by mirroring IIS app and the mysql database arose.

    Let me briefly outline my setup and my goals. Apart from IIS, I need MySQL and a couple of COM objects (for file-uploads,mailing) and an HMailserver (only redirecting to Gmail accounts) to fulfil my needs. The way I imagine it should work is that when one of the ASP scripts hangs and renders the virtual server unavailable, the other one should jump in. Alternatively, both of the IIS access the same MySQL-data simultaneously, so in case one of them is down, the other is still up and running.

    My questions regarding this topic are:
    1) Do I need to install MySQL on every virtualmachine and access the same data located in a shared directory? Or is it fine if I install it on the parent OS only?

    2) Similar question regarding the COM objects and HMailserver (and Antivirus): Is it necessary to install these on every single virtual machine or can I just do that on the parent OS?

    3) How do I make sure that the App on both VM access the sama SQL-database? 

    4) Is my scenario suitable to increase availabilty of the app? If not, what would be your recommendation?

    Thanks for any hints into the right direction!
    Donnerstag, 16. September 2010 11:08


  • Hi <realname please>,
    this is a german technical forum answering technical problems, so said
    conceptual design question should be best suited for one of the specialized
    partners of your choice.
    Feel free to ask us for a virtualisation workshop.
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    Samstag, 18. September 2010 12:02