Heavy Problems with Office 2010 x32 OLP does not work Proberly. Product activation needed ? Object Variable Missing and Registry entries missing ? RRS feed

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  • hi there,


    i recently installed Office 2010 x32 OLP and have some erorrs now.

    Platform Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server x64.


    I had to say that i first installed the x64 version of Office. but i had to switch back because another programm only supports office in x32 version.

    maybe somebody know how to remove office 2010 with all registry entries and librarys to get a new clean installation?!


    1. Office says it need to be activated ? I need to activate an OLP Version ?

    looks like but if i click to activate the error message says: the setup controller encoutered a problem during install please reaed the logs for further information.

    2. Start of Excel, One Object variable is missing or destroyed ?

    3. Start of Word. Windows regsitry has discovered that one or more entries are missing or not available (translated from german to english)


    reinstallation of office does not help to solfe the problem.

    does anybody had a similar problem and discovered a soloution for this problem ?


    best regards

    Dienstag, 29. März 2011 08:05