IE10 with Integrated Windows Authentication requires a form RRS feed

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  • Please help me !

    When I navigate with IE10 to my Web-application the application's home page should immediately show up as I am using Integrated Windows Authentication as authentication method. Nevertheless IE10 presents me a form requiring me to enter my credentials ( user name and password ).

    My configuration:

    Windows 8 Pro with IIS 8 ( localhost ):

    all authentication methods except Integrated Windows Authentication disabled

    Web-application uses the DefaultAppPool that is configured to use integrated managed pipeline mode


    Internet options - Advanced - Enable Integrated Windows Authentication checked

    Security - Local Intranet - Custom - User Authentication - Logon - Automatic logon only in Intranet Zone checked

    Web-application Web.config-file - <System web> - <authentification mode="Windows" /></authentification>

    In my eyes I have set everything correctly; Have I forgotten any setting in another location ( e.g. Local Security Policy ) ?

    Thanks for hints

    Samstag, 24. November 2012 15:11


  • Es tut mir leid, dass ich meine Frage in Englisch gestellt habe. Das Problem ist gelöst:

    Ich hatte meine Web-Site in IE10 - Internet Options - Security unter Trusted Sites - Sites registriert !

    Richtig ist, die Web-Site unter iE10 - Internet Options - Security - Local Intranet - Sites zu registrieren !

    Montag, 26. November 2012 12:25