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  • Good morning Microsoft !

    Fact is, that the only thing what works is t´the function "add contact" .. and this could be enhanced as well.

    But manage an existing contact is a nightmare and this is exactly the same in ANDROID App and Desktop version on PC Notebook !

    Almost nobody is interested in a worldwide contact search which brings a lot of unknown contacts, such a nonsense ! But managing own contacts should really work ! I watch this problems since years and nothing improves. Although there is much complaint Microsoft does nothing about this and it is definitely a problem of the backend.


    We talk about manually created contacts.

    1) Adding to the favorites list is a 50/50 chance: the function is there and the contact is marked at being added to favorites but in 50% it does not show up in the list.

    2) Removing from favorites list is offered to contacts which show up in the list but get not removed if told to do so: they still are in the list.

    3) Deleting a contact does not work at all ! Although "being deleted" the contact even can still show up in the favorites list. opening the profile in these cases works but there is also no chance to delete the profile.

    4) There is this distinction between chats and calls. But "chats" also show skype calls on a telephone number ! What a crap ! And it is not possible to clean the list / delete the entries. The same calls are listed under "calls" as well. Having a look on both lists show that they are not 100% identical.


    Microsoft, this all in all is not tolerable. The big advantage of Skype is that it is the only messenger which runs reliable even in China. The second advantage is that it runs profile-based and not number-based what is really a great advantage in comparison to whatapp and viber: just log in and you have your stuff!

    But these problems with managing contact data cause big problems and will be not to handle by a lot of clients. You really should solve these problems.

    My regards
    Sonntag, 28. Februar 2021 20:56