Need suggestions on approach - first data warehouse


  • I have a need to setup a new data warehouse.  The first set of data for a report will involve revune and sales data.  This data is in multiple locations - including Dynamics GP and one other SQL database.  Now the problem with Dynamics GP, is that the schema isnt really something I am familiar with and its something I will have to address. 

    an example of querying Dynamics GP is here

    The aspect Im wondering about is that Dynamics GP has an add-on pack that will build some analysis cubes for you.  However, the data that is NOT in this source is still needed. 

    However, I think I need to first determine the requirements of the data and the report variations, as this will determine the structure of my cubes and then the other aspects as well - which data to bring in, SSIS package structures etc.

    So what Im wondering is - am I likely going to end up building my own cubes and not even bother with the GP cubes?

    Montag, 26. August 2013 13:46

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  • Before we get into DW requirements for this case, it will be better if you can address a starting point. 

    Are you trying to extend DynamicsGP Analytics to add-in a few more details from other SQL Server? Or are both the systems, SQL Server and DynamicsGP, are essentially sources of different data domains? 

    Am sure after that you will be clear on what exactly you should be going for? For me, both could be an equally good solution as its not too clear how much extension or add-on work needs be done on top of DynamicsGP's data as source. 

    Hope it helps.

    Vikas S. Rajput

    Montag, 2. September 2013 00:45
  • Am not sure if you are watching the thread. Kindly respond or close the thread if the problem is resolved/not applicable anymore. 

    Vikas S. Rajput

    Dienstag, 3. September 2013 14:50